Muskmelon Seeds Kajri

Kajri Muskmelon Seeds thrive in warm climates, producing creamy netted fruits with sweet orange flesh. Ready for harvest in 60 to 65 days, this variety is ideal for growers looking to cultivate flavorful muskmelons.

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Muskmelon Seeds Kajri is a favored variety known for its robust growth in warm climates and its ability to produce high-quality, sweet fruits. This variety thrives in conditions where temperatures range between 27-30°C during germination and growth. With proper care and ideal weather conditions, Muskmelon Kajri develops a creamy netted exterior and orange-colored flesh, offering excellent flavor and high market appeal.

  • Creamy Netted Fruits: Known for its attractive creamish netted exterior, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Sweet Orange Flesh: The flesh of Muskmelon Kajri is orange in color, indicating high sweetness and flavor.
  • Tolerance to BRIX13: This variety is tolerant to BRIX13, ensuring consistent sweetness and quality.
  • Quick Maturation: Ready for harvest within 60 to 65 days of planting, allowing for efficient cultivation cycles.
  • Average Weight: Each fruit typically weighs between 1.2 to 1.5 kg, providing substantial yield per plant.
  • Seed Count: Approximately 100 seeds per packet, suitable for planting a productive muskmelon patch.

  • Climate Requirements: Muskmelon Kajri thrives in warm climates and is sensitive to frost. Optimal germination occurs at temperatures between 27-30°C.
  • Weather Preferences: Dry weather with ample sunshine during ripening enhances sugar content and flavor. High humidity increases susceptibility to foliage diseases.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Cool nights and warm days contribute to the accumulation of sugars in the fruits, enhancing sweetness.
  • Growing Guidelines: Plant seeds in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Provide adequate spacing and support for vines as needed.
  • Harvesting: Fruits are typically ripe for harvest in 60 to 65 days. Harvest when the fruits exhibit a sweet aroma and slight softness at the blossom end.

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