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Arka Anamika Bhindi is a high-yielding, robust okra variety suitable for sandy to clay loamy soils. It grows best in warm climates with full sun exposure, producing dark green, nutrient-rich fruits with excellent shelf life.

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Arka Anamika Bhindi (Okra) is a popular and versatile variety that is well-suited for cultivation in diverse soil types, particularly sandy to clay loamy soils. Known for its robust growth and high yield, this variety is a favorite among farmers and home gardeners alike. Arka Anamika is not only a culinary delight but also offers numerous health benefits, making it a staple in many Indian households.

This variety of Bhindi thrives in warm climates and requires full sun exposure to produce the best results. The plants are characterized by their tall and vigorous growth, dark green fruits, and excellent shelf life. Arka Anamika is packed with dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals, making it a nutritious addition to any diet. Regular consumption of this vegetable can help manage cholesterol levels, aid in weight control, and enhance overall health.

Whether you're growing Bhindi for personal use or commercial purposes, Arka Anamika is a reliable choice that guarantees a productive and rewarding harvest.

  • Robust Growth: Arka Anamika is known for its tall, vigorous plants that thrive in a range of soil types, particularly sandy to clay loamy soils.
  • Nutrient-Rich Fruits: The dark green fruits are rich in dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals, making them a healthy addition to any diet.
  • Excellent Shelf Life: This variety maintains its quality for an extended period post-harvest, ideal for both immediate consumption and storage.
  • Branching Structure: The plants are erect with 3 to 4 branches, supporting a high yield and structured growth.
  • Seed Count: Each packet contains approximately 150 seeds, providing ample potential for a substantial harvest.
  • Health Benefits: Consuming Arka Anamika Bhindi regularly can help manage cholesterol, aid in weight control, and improve the body's ability to fight infections and strengthen bones.

  • Climate: Arka Anamika thrives in warm climates with an optimal temperature range of 20 to 23°C. It requires a long, warm, and humid growing season.
  • Soil: The variety grows best in sandy to clay loamy soils. Enriching the soil with organic compost before planting enhances growth and yield.
  • Sunlight: Full sun exposure is crucial for healthy growth. Choose a planting spot that receives direct sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.
  • Watering: Regular watering is essential to keep the soil consistently moist, especially during the growing season. However, avoid waterlogging as it can damage the plants.
  • Spacing: Ensure ample space between plants (3 to 4 feet apart) to allow for unrestricted growth and proper air circulation.
  • Seed Germination: Soak the seeds in water overnight before sowing to speed up the germination process. The optimal temperature for seed germination is around 29°C.
  • Harvesting: The harvest period typically begins around 50 to 60 days after planting. Use scissors or carefully pluck the fruits by hand to avoid damaging the plant and ensure continuous production.

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