Orgi Power Bio NPK

Azotobacter spp., Azospirillum spp., Rhizobium spp., PSB, and KSB.

Beneficial for all crops.

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Orgi Power Bio NPK is a carrier-based consortia Bio NPK biofertilizer.  It contains selective strains of nitrogen fixing bacteria (Azotobacter, Azospirillum and Rhizobium), PSB, and potash mobilizing Bacteria which helps to improve avaibility of NPK to crops. Azotobacter spp. increase nitrogen uptake, produce plant growth hormones (IAA, GA), vitamins enhancement in uptake of NO3, NH4, H2PO4, K and Fe. Azospirillum spp. induces the plant foods to secrete and mucilase which aerate low oxygen environment and helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Rhizobium spp. is a soil habitat bacterium which can able to colonize the legume roots and fixes the atmospheric nitrogen symbiotically. PSB possess the activity to solubilize the Phosphorous by secreting organic acids (Gluconic acid, formic acid, glutamic acid, lactic acid, citrate, malic acid) lower soil pH and turns unavailable forms of soil phosphate to available form. KMB mobilize & convert insoluble potash to soluble potash & makes it available to plants.

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Application Dose:- 1 kg per acre.

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