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Orgi Power Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate.

Beneficial for all crops.

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Orgi Power Rock phosphate is an important natural source of Phosphorous source which can be an alternative to chemical fertilizers. Rock phosphate is a long-standing organic fertilizer for soil. The direct application of Rock phosphate has been found suitable for all types of soils. It improves the phosphorus deficiency in soil. It promotes cell division in plants and improves the germination percentage of seeds. It increases the immune power of plants against diseases. It strengthens the roots of plants and helps in proper nitrogen usage by plants.

Application dose:- Mix 1-2 Kg of orgi Power Rock Phosphate in 25 Kg of Orgi Power Phosphate Gold if Possible add 100Kg of well decomposed cowdung or vermicompost. Blend the mix well and broad cast over one acre at the time of sowing/plantation.
Beneficial for all vegetable, Horticulture and Commercial crops.

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