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Eco Power Weed Out


Method of applications: Foliar application.

Dose: 8-10ml/ltr.

Packing: 500 ml/ltr.

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WEED OUT is plant extract based weedicide that contain natural herbal ingredients which doesn’t negative impact on soil fertility. Its non selective organic weedicides that work on contact when applied as a foliar application. For the best results, use on weeds before they mature and cover unwanted plant leaves thoroughly and uniformly with spray. Take care of avoid contacting wanted plants.

WEED OUT is selective for fruit & sugar cane crops. Within 5 to 10 days of application you will begin to see it working; the plant foliage will turn from green to brown or black.

WEED OUT is penetrated to the cell walls of the plants to disturb their normal functioning and cause death; the browning of the leaves is due to this necrotic plant tissue.

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