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Eco Power Pest Go


Crops: Benefitted crops like Cereals, Pulses, Sugar Crops, Oilseeds, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Flowers, Medicinal Crops and Orchards.

Method of Application: Foliar application.

Dose: 1 ltr/Acre.

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Eco Power Pest Go is a unique liquid state formulation made by pure neem oil extracted from neem seeds, which affects the reproductive and digestive process of a number of important pests and having insecticidal properties against biting, chewing, chirping and sucking type of
mouth parts of insect pests like mealy bugs, aphids, jassids, th rips, whiteflies, hoppers, borers, stem borers, fruit & shoot borers, leaf folders. Eco Power Pest Go disrupting or inhibiting the development of eggs, larvae or pupae, blocking the moulting of larvae or nymphs, disrupting
mating and sexual communication, repelling larvae and adults, deterring females from laying eggs, sterilizing adults, Poisoning larvae and adults, deterring feeding, blocking the ability to “swallow” (that is, reducing the motility of the gut), Sending metamorphosis awry at various
stages and inhibiting the formation of chitin.


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